Media & Teenagers European Citizenship

Comenius Project 2008-2010
„Media & Teenagers European Citizenship“

Our team at school:
Roswitha Pils (
Martina Stummer (
Albertina Penner

-    Kommunikation und deren Wichtigkeit in der EU/Importance of Education and Communication in the United Europe
-    Einsatz von neuen Medien/Use of New Media
-    Anwendung on Fremdsprachen/Competence in foreign Languages
-    Teamarbeit/Teamwork
-    Sprachliche und kulturelle Vielfalt/Linguistic and Cultural Diversity
-    Kommunikation Jugendlicher aus verschiedenen Ländern via Internet/Communication
between teenagers of several European countries
-    PPP (HS Schwertberg)

-    Steckbriefe/Wanted Letters
-    Homepages
-    Schulzeitung, Artikel/School News, Articles

Multikultureller Bereich/Multicultural Area
-    Rassismus und Fremdenfeindlichkeit/Racism and Xenophobia
-    Tag der Sprachen/European Day of Languages
-    Interviews: Migrantenkinder unserer Schule/Kids of our School with Immigration-background

In our school there are pupils of 11 foreign nationalities. With these children we did interviews about their life here in Austria. We asked them about the moving to Austria, when and how their parents (or grandparents) came to our country. They told us about their habits, lifestyle, family, relatives,… Many of them are children of the second generation and they often know very little about their origin. Some of them have lived in Austria for a very short time and speak German very weakly.

Quiz und Fragebögen/quizzes and questionnaires
-    Sport/Sports
-    Länder/Countries
-    Fragebögen (Zukunft, Jobs,…)/Questionnaires (Future, Jobs,…)

Geschichten/Stories und Märchen/Fairy Tales