Our trip to Malta

It was Sunday the 15th of September when we started our journey. For some of our group it was very exciting because they flew for the first time in their lifetime.

When we got off the plane we felt extremely hot. At the airport we were picked up and went by bus to our apartement called Clubclass. After checking in our guide showed us the rooms and we were happy and surprised that they had a kitchen, a balcony and a TV with youtube - simply perfect.

The time in Malta was a great experience. In the morning we went to school to improve our English and in the afternoons we spent a lot of time with sightseeing. We visited the old city Mdina, took part in a treasure hunt in the capital city Valletta, went by ferry to the beautiful island Gozo and watched the amazing Blue Grotto.

At the restaurant “Three Black Sheep‘‘we had breakfast and dinner every day. We enjoyed our meals because the food was very delicious.

All of us were so impressed and blessed that they had the chance to fly to Malta.

On Friday 20th we flew back to Austria late at night.

Thanks to our teachers, Mrs. Pils and Mrs. Glocker for organising such a cool trip!

(Denise Kisin & Layla Kozar)